Meet Angel... 

As a child Angel was very close with both of her grandmothers and some of her earliest memories are of picking flowers in their gardens and making arrangements with them this was the start of her obsession with flowers. Coming from a large family she was always asked to help with flowers for different celebrations and then about 10 years ago she was asked to do her first wedding. After a little trial and error during her first trip to the flower mart, Angel's first wedding turned out to be a huge success! After that she went on to graduate from San Francisco State became a police dispatcher but all the while creating flower arrangements on the side.  In 2010 Angel married the love of her life and had her first child, Marky (Daughter Mila has since blessed their family).  Becoming a mother made her want to fulfill her dream of becoming a florist which would also allow her to spend more time at home with her children.  Since then, Angel has been creating flowers for weddings, showers, events and more across the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley.

Her natural arranging style lies somewhere right in the middle of clean & classic and big & messy, she loves to create soft, flowing and organic feeling arrangements. Angel is always inspired during her trips to the flower mart by all of the different blooms in season and pulling them together to make her clients visions come to life and compliment their events perfectly.